Customer Service

Our reputation is very important to us.

When we say we are committed to quality, we are not only speaking about our products. We are committed to quality on all levels of our business and customer service is definitely included. We understand that customer service is key in any business. Staying competitive means we are always a phone call away. Building a strong and trusting relationship with our customers is our main priority. We understand that things may change drastically in this industry and we make ourselves available no matter the date and time.

We deal with many people on a day-to-day basis and treat each and every interaction the same. Our client base is very diverse and we tailor a specific plan for each client no matter the size. We are a proud organization with an abundant history. We have encountered many situations and continually improve our commitment to QUALITY service!

Our customer service begins internally. From growing to packing to shipping we instill our philosophy in providing excellent customer service. This of course will ripple through to our customers. We are polite, courteous and able to adapt to any situation. We take the time to listen to our customer's requests and strategically plan our business to fulfill these needs accordingly.