Growing in a greenhouse is very different from conventional farming. We are still farmers but much like the rest of the world today, we use advanced technology to improve our techniques.

Our specialty... Hydroponic farming.

Hydroponic farming is an innovative form of agriculture that involves using a soilless medium to produce our crops. Del Fresco uses rock wool which is the most widely used medium in hydroponic farming. Rock wool is an inert stone wool substance that is free from diseases or any other harmful contaminants.

Growing hydroponically within a greenhouse means more control over our crops.

Growing indoors allows us to grow for a much longer period of time and also allows us to produce higher yields compared to traditional farming methods. Outdoor farming uses more water, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Hydroponic growing means we have a stronger, more controlled environment. We can regulate the temperature, humidity and much more in our greenhouses to optimize our crops ability to grow. We are able to mimic essentials used outdoors within our greenhouses. For example, DelFrescoPure® uses bumblebees in our greenhouses to pollinate our plants. With greenhouses, we are able to grow produce at exponential yields compared to traditional farming. This method of growing allows us to grow in safe and economic conditions in order to supply quality produce to a large population.

DelFrescoPure® also uses an IPM

Integrated Pest Management

system for sustainability. The short version of this method is that we use the good bugs to fight off the bad bugs. We use an array of beneficial insects to minimize or eliminate other harmful insects. We drastically reduce the need to spray our crop because of the IPM system.

DelFrescoPure® is Earth Friendly.

Growing hydroponically allows us to consume less from our earth.

What is Earth Friendly you ask? We use modern hydroponic techniques to recycle and purify our water through a high-tech water treatment process. We can control and recycle the water usage within our farms which reduces the runoff effect to the environment. We have a closed recycling system which results in virtually no contamination of lakes or any water streams. Since we do not use any soil to grow our crops, there is less runoff or degradation of soil. Growing hydroponically also allows us to grow on unproductive lands, thus freeing up good agricultural acreages.

DelFrescoPure® monitors our greenhouses using the most advanced computer software and technology. We use this technology to monitor water, control heat, humidity and more for the most effective growing conditions. This process enforces our commitment to food quality, safety and sustainability.