Located in the heart of Ontario, Canada's greenhouse industry, DelFrescoPure® continues to excel at growing and delivering our niche gourmet greenhouse items.

Our expert growers and R&D team continually deliver superior quality products from our greenhouses to the retail shelf through one seamless company. DelFrescoPure® prides itself on our ability to adapt to customer requests and consumer trends.

The greenhouse growing techniques we use today have been passed down the family tree for more than 60 years.

President and CEO, Carl Mastronardi, has been growing hydroponically for over 35 years. Carl is a firm believer that you must truly love what you do in order to succeed in any environment. For Carl, greenhouse growing has always been his passion. Being pioneers of the greenhouse industry, Carl and his family's commitment to freshness, taste and quality keeps DelFrescoPure® invested in the latest and most innovative technology in the industry.



DelFrescoPure® meets and surpasses the traceability standards for the Can-Trace Program. Under the one up / one down supplier system, DelFrescoPure® is responsible for maintaining records of products they receive, their use, and where they were shipped to, or sold.


DelFrescoPure® is an accredited Food Safety Facility certified by Primus Labs.


DelFrescoPure® is certified C-TPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. C-TPAT seeks to protect against terrorists within the trade industry. This helps maintain the economic health of the United States, Canada and other neighbors. This partnership develops measures that add security but do not have a chilling effect on trade.


DelFrescoPure® is GMO Free Certified. DelFrescoPure® cares about their consumers and has gone the extra mile to receive laboratory tests by a third party that certifies DelFrescoPure® GMO Free.