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Strawberry Spinach Salad

  • Prep

    15 mins

  • Ready

    25 mins

  • Serves

    4 people

  • Calories

    97 / Serving


1 cup YES!Berries Your Everyday Snack!® strawberries, sliced and rinsed
4 cups fresh baby spinach
½ cup feta or goat cheese, cut into small cubes
½ cup toasted pecans
½ cup Strawberry Balsamic Dressing


  1. Assemble four salads by layering spinach, sliced strawberries, cheese and top with nuts
  2. Prepare Strawberry Balsamic Dressing, drizzle dressing over all four salads
  3. Serve immediately

Cooking Tips

Try to add different varieties of nuts to enhance the taste of the strawberries. For more of a meal, add a chicken breast or grilled salmon to the salad for more protein.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 1, Servings Per Recipe: 4, Amount Per Serving: Calories 97, Total Fat 4.3g (6% Daily Value), Saturated Fat 2.8g (14% Daily Value), Cholesterol 17mg (6% Daily Value), Sodium 241mg (10% Daily Value), Potassium 270mg (6% Daily Value), Carbohydrate 10.1g (4% Daily Value), Dietary Fiber 1.4g (5% Daily Value), Sugars 7.4g, Protein 3.9g.

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