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Pepper Bouquet

  • Prep

    10 mins

  • Ready

    20 mins

  • Serves

    5 people

  • Calories

    86 / Serving


1 6-inch flower pot
1 florist foam
1 head of lettuce of your choice
1 package of 12-inch wooden skewers
3 packages of DelFrescoPure® Sweet Rainbow Pepper, bell peppers (red, orange, yellow)
1 pack of DelFrescoPure® Mini Mixers® gourmet snacking tomatoes
1 package
of snap peas
1 bottle ranch dressing


  1. Wash flower pot, cut florist foam and insert into flower pot. Cover florist foam with lettuce leaves of your choice
  2. Make the flowers: Wash all peppers, cut jagged edges into the tops of 6 bell peppers and remove seeds. Stick a wooden skewer through the bottom of each pepper and put a small tomato on the end of each skewer, then arrange the pepper flowers in flower pot. Stick the peas on skewers to make the leaves
  3. Wash 2 peppers and cut the tops off, remove seeds and fill one with hummus and the other with ranch

Cooking Tips

Use different colored tomatoes with different colored peppers to give a bold display. Use any dip of choice your family prefers.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 1, Servings Per Recipe: 5, Amount Per Serving: Calories 86, Total Fat 0.2g (0% Daily Value), Saturated Fat 0g (0% Daily Value), Cholesterol 0mg (0% Daily Value), Sodium 198mg (9% Daily Value), Potassium 374mg (8% Daily Value), Carbohydrate 18.1g (33% Daily Value), Dietary Fiber 5.3g (19% Daily Value), Sugars 10.4g, Protein 4.2g.

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